Long Term Care Medical Services

  • LTC2-CAssessment of resident on admission to prevent medication reconciliation errors
  • Expedient assessment of acute medical issues
  • Timely evaluation of short and long-term care quality measures including:
    • Pain management
    • UTI
    • Falls
    • Incontinence
    • Weight loss
    • Wound care
  • Management of chronic and comorbid conditions to prevent hospital readmissions
  • Communication with family members
  • Improved quality of life for residents with chronic diseases
  • Documentation of treatment goals and response to treatment
  • Monitor and coordinate compliance with CMS requirements for scheduled medical visits
  • Document appropriate diagnosis for medication use.
  • Assess and reduce polypharmacy issues
  • Timely response to pharmacy recommendations
  • Bill the insurance carrier – no cost to facility for this service.

We strive to set ourselves apart from our competitors by offering superior resident –focused care and excellent customer service.

The Benefit…

  • Reduced unplanned hospitalizations
  • Reduced pharmacy costs
  • Minimized medication regimens
  • Assistance in state regulatory survey process
  • Less facility staff time spent calling physician offices

What This Means for Your Facility…

  • Positive position with hospital discharge planners
  • Ability to accept residents with higher acuity levels and fill empty beds
  • Gain appropriate adjusted case mix PPS reimbursement.
  • Maximize functional status of residents
  • Optimize staffing by reduced time spent with phone calls or communication with physician offices
  • Assistance with regulatory surveys

This Is How We Do It...

  • Internal quality audits of provider visits
  • Orientation program utilizing best practice procedures with extended oversight period
  • Holistic model of care that includes residents and families in the plan of care.

How We Are Different….

  • Consistent scheduled provider visits
  • Collaboration with multi-disciplinary team: nursing and medical staff, social services, pharmacy, psychiatric services, dietician, therapy services and families.
  • Assistance with outliers identified on CASPER report.
  • Attendance at monthly quality management meeting.
  • Ability to write orders for timely management of acute medical issues.