Medical Director Services

  • Allow Wellness Solutions Geriatrics (WSG) to be your best Medical Services Provider
  • Our Medical Director, NP/PAs, Psychiatric providers, therapists, and nurses are educated on issues to assist in your state survey process
  • Our team will work in close collaboration & communication with attending physicians, pharmacists, nurses, rehabilitation therapists, social workers, activities staff, and family members
  • Assessment of resident on admission to prevent medication reconciliation
  • Expedient assessment of acute medical issues
  • Timely evaluation of short and long-term care quality measures
  • Management of chronic and comorbid conditions to prevent hospital readmissions
  • Documentation of treatment goals and response to treatment
  • Monitor and coordinate compliance with CMS requirements for scheduled medical visits
  • Document appropriate diagnosis for medication use
  • Assess and reduce polypharmacy issues
  • Prompt response to pharmacy recommendations

The Benefit...

  • WSG manages payroll, benefits, collaborative oversight of NP/PAs, codes and submits billing to our billing services
  • WSG handles all other matters for the Medical Director, NP/PAs, and WSG employees
  • Reduction of unplanned inpatient hospitalizations
  • Quality measures improvement
  • Acute conditions timely addressed
  • Labs reviewed and interventions made quickly
  • Increased family/surrogate communication with providers
  • Strengthened quality collaboration among faculty team
  • Positive position with hospital discharge planners

What This Means For Your Facility...

  • Ability to accept residents with higher acuity levels and fill empty beds
  • Maximize functional status of residents
  • Assistance with regulatory surveys
  • Optimize staffing by reduced time spent with phone calls or communication with physician offices
  • Bill the insurance carrier – no cost to facility for this service


This Is How We Do It...

  • The Medical Director works at each facility: every week OR every other week [contingent upon patient volume] for admissions and other E&M visits
  • The WSG LPN will be the Medical Director’s liaison and will prepare resident information to guide/assist for his/her visit at each facility freeing the facility staff from having to manage the physician’s work load
  • The NP/PA sees acute/chronic issues and implements palliative care and performs regulatory visits (alternates skilled with MD)
  • The NP/PA at each facility works 2-4 days every week (usually on days when Medical Director isn’t there)
  • Call & After-Hours CALL GROUP handled by WSG

How We Are Different...

  • Collaboration with multi-disciplinary team: nursing and medical staff, social services, pharmacy, psychiatric services, dietician, therapy services and families
  • Our physicians, nurse practitioners, psychologists and licensed clinical social workers provide the highest level of care to the geriatric population designed to comfort and address the underlying root causes of our patients’ behavioral and medical needs
  • Attendance at monthly quality management meeting
  • Consistent scheduled provider visits
  • Ability to write orders for timely management of acute medical issues