John W. Cain II, MD Medical Director

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Dr. Cain graduated from Quillen College of Medicine located in Johnson City, TN in May 1984, and did his internship and Psychiatry Residency at Vanderbilt University Hospital July 1984, to June 1988. He had a private practice in Franklin, TN with gradual change to Geriatric Psychiatry until about 95% of his practice was in geriatrics by 1994. The last 23 years, he has been Medical Director at Hillside Hospital in Pulaski, moved to Riverside Hospital in Woodbury as Medical Director of the Psychiatric program and added Chief of Staff. At about this time, he began collaborating with Laura Reaves providing care in nursing homes. He has worked with Wellness Solutions since the beginning, helping to guide the growth while maintaining quality of care. He came to work with WSG full-time in 2012, and became part of the ownership team in January 2016.

Dr. Cain collaborates with all of our psychiatric nurse practitioners to ensure appropriate oversight and optimal clinical outcomes. He also works with the management of the company to improve the quality of services we provide as well as provide direction on markets in which we could provide additional mental health services. Dr. Cain says that he has been privileged to work with an outstanding group of nurse practitioners who are also committed to providing the best care possible, sometimes they learn from him, sometimes he learns from them.

While in the Navy, he became sure he wanted to go into medicine. While in medical school his interest in Psychiatry emerged, as much a surprise to him as it was to his friends and family. Geriatric Psychiatry was less of a surprise, since it gave him the opportunity to work with patients and their families, and feel that he could make a difference in people’s lives. He had never hoped to be doing as much supervision of providers as he does now; the extension of reach to more patients has added to the reward.

Dr. Cain has been reasonably busy with work, and more importantly with his family (a wife who loves him and four children who still ask his advice). In his spare time he still likes carpentry and work in his small shop when he needs to get back in charge of the stress that can build up.